Originally established by owner Jerry Hurwitz as an in-house program, J & J Air Conditioning's training division, Air Conditioning Instruction and Research (A.I.R.), is regarded as one of the industry’s most complete contractor training programs. School districts, county agencies, industrial corporations, and even other service contractors send their employees to J & J Air Conditioning for training. Jerry was honored with the Air Conditioning Contractors of America Award for Excellence in Training at their 2000 national convention, recognizing his contribution to raising the standards for training throughout the industry.

Ongoing employee training and customer education is an integral part of the way in which J & J Air Conditioning conducts its business.



Join us for our award-winning Air Conditioning Instruction & Research (A.I.R.) training classes. We’re proud to have received the ACCA’s Award for Training Excellence. All classes are held from 5:30 – 8:30 PM at J & J Air Conditioning. Fee is $495 per class. Call us at (408) 920-0662 for information and enrollment.



Basic Refrigeration Systems - CLOSED
Wednesday (January 16 – February 20)
Hands-on course covering the basic refrigeration system of commercial packaged HVAC units.
Instructor: Daryl Demanawa


Basic Electrical Troubleshooting for HVAC - CLOSED
Wednesday (March 6 - April 10)
Hands-on course designed to develop electrical troubleshooting and schematic diagram reading skills.
Instructor: Daniel Cisneros


Gas Heating – Rooftop Packaged Equipment and Boilers - CLOSED
Wednesday (April 17 – May 22)
Hands-on class in diagnosing and repairing gas heating systems.
Instructor: Daniel Gomez


Rooftop Packaged Equipment - CLOSED 
Wednesday (June 12 – July 17)
Intermediate level class. Lecture and in-class exercises designed for servicing and troubleshooting rooftop packaged equipment from 2 to 5 tons.
Instructor: Frank Quintanar

VAV Box Car Systems
Wednesday (July 24 – August 28)
A practical course designed for service personnel with a good understanding of packaged systems wanting to upgrade their skill level to VAV systems.
Instructor: Julio Arroyo


Beginning Pneumatics
Wednesday (September 4 – October 9)
Hands-on course designed to upgrade the experienced mechanic’s pneumatic control system skills.
Instructor: Fil Partida


Air Flow & Duct Design for HVAC
***Class Cancelled***
Designed for Facilities managers, service mechanics, and system installers who need to gain a basic understanding of airflow in rooms and ductwork.
Instructor: Ed Chan